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Production Data Collection, Archiving and Reporting

DataHorizon's Production Data Management System (PDMS) comprises systems for a government or state regulator to gather production data from operators, transmitting it securely to a central production database, and effective production reporting and analysis tools.

The core system for production data management can be supplemented by a range of optional modules, including secure collection of Export Terminal data, and real-time production data collection from field meters and other instrumentation.

DataHorizon has a complete solution for Production Data for National Data Repositories. We are focused on this business, and can be flexible on customization of the standard product, or using part of our system and working with local suppliers on other aspects.

For example we typically work with local partners who can supply and support the computer hardware and networks. The local partner may also supply training, first line technical support and report writing.

We have been providing upstream data services to Oil Company clients since 1997, with our first fast-track FPSO project off the coast of West Africa. The tried and tested core of these systems, secure reliable oilfield communications, fast and reliable time-series database technology, and web based data visualization and reporting are the basis of the system we now also deliver to NDRs.

DataHorizon is a member of Energistics, and supports wider use of its standards, including PRODML.
DataHorizon participates in the National Data Repository Conferences, the last being in Malaysia in October 2012, and in Baku in 2014, and is actively involved in developing standards for national production data, through the NDR production data group set up after NDR10.

If you are involved in the monitoring of national petroleum production, and are currently considering options for a Production Data Management System or a National Data Repository for production data, take a look at the pages linked on the left to see what we are already doing, and can offer to you. We look forward to hearing from you, or seeing you at the next NDR.         

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